About us



Design + Performance

All of our wheels are made with design and performance in mind.


Strength + Durability

Our wheels are engineered to handle just about anything your car can dish out.

Innovation and Creativity
Here at Rohana Wheels, we encompass both philosophies.

Twenty years of experience has allowed our brand to develop unique designs that embody what it means to carry the Rohana crest. Our style encompasses the history we’ve built around the automotive community and our quality is what allows us to continuously push the edge for you; the automotive enthusiast.

Rohana Wheels offers various unique collections including the Forged RFG Series, the Rotary Forged Series RFX & RFC, as well as the Liberty Walk Collaboration series RLB. Distributed to over 40 countries, we are internationally recognized as an industry leader.

Our brand is more than just creating wheels, it’s an ideology. An attitude of zero compromise and total commitment. The goal is to offer our fellow enthusiasts the best possible service, selection, and quality. We are Rohana Wheels.