Taylor's McLaren 570s on Rotary Forged RFX7's2018

Aug 23, 2018

The McLaren 570S.

One might ask themselves, why would someone want to change anything on a car that is often referred to as "The Ultimate Sports Car Experience"? The truth is: most people wouldn't. Super cars are in a league of their own, but car enthusiasts are a breed of their own.

For car enthusiasts there is always the allure to go faster and to take something and make it your own, but when working with exotic super-cars you have to be careful.

This car comes from the factory boasting Carbon Ceramic brakes with massive 6 piston front / 4 piston rear calipers, adaptive suspension, and a twin-turbo V8 engine producing gobs of power. When replacing and upgrading parts on a car of this caliber, it's crucial to use the highest quality aftermarket parts to ensure your car can perform to its fullest.

This car has been fitted with our Gloss Black RFX7's in a double stagger 20x9 / 21x11.5. Our RFX7 is unique in that it features a true directional arrangement, meaning the left and right wheels are manufactered in different directions allowing for a consistant revolving layout.

Every wheel in our RF series is manufactured using the latest in Rotary Forming technology to create wheels that are equally strong and lightweight. All of our wheels meet and surpass JWL and VIA specifications and are backing with a lifetime structural warranty. These wheels are the perfect upgrade for any vehicle.