Rohana Takes on Hot Import Nights Chicago2018

Aug 09, 2018

For 21 years Hot Import Nights has been around to bring together like-minded car enthusiasts and support tuning culture and lifestyle. This year HIN has gone global, so of course when the tour stopped at Chicago, you know we had to be there!

Our featured booth cars this year were:

Walter's M4 lowered on a set of Brushed Bronze RFX11's.

Bailey's Mustang laid out on a set of Brushed Titanium RFX5's.

Kevin's 370z tucking a set of our Brushed Titanium RFx11's.

Karlton's bagged & widebody Genesis Coupe resting on a set of brushed Titanium RF1's.

We want to thank everyone who came out to the show, especially those who stopped by the booth and checked out our wheels and booth cars. If you weren't there, here is a quick recap on what you missed!