Jul 10, 2017


It's 7-10-2017 and with that in mind we bring you a double feature today! The RFX7 & RFX10. Both the RFX7 & RFX10 wheel model is a multi-spoke design, and is constructed with the latest state of the art forging technology with its flow forming wheel construction. The flow forming technology is the latest in engineering a lightweight forged wheel which allows for a durable and strong wheel while maintaining a lighter weight. So in lieu of 7-10-2017, without further ado, we present to you the RFX7 & RFX10. Available in brushed titanium and gloss black.


The RFX7 is a true directional design, the wheels are designated to each respective side (right or left) so that you get a consistent look throughout the vehicle. Click the pic to see more RFX7's!  


The RFX10 features a multispoke design which promotes strength in addition to creating a lighter wheel. Click the pic to see more RFX10's!