Cars of Rohana : Bailey's 2010 Ford Mustang GT2018

Aug 27, 2018

I'm sure by now you are used to us featuring customer cars and showcasing their builds, but this week we are going to start something new: we will be featuring our cars! That's right, take a step into our parking lot and see what the employees of Rohana Wheels drive. This week we are featuring Baileys 2010 Ford Mustang GT. Bailey is our Media Specialist and can be found on any given day taking photos and video, editing for hours on end and updating our website.
Outside from work Bailey is an avid car enthusiast and attends a ton of shows and meets in the Chicagoland area. He is definitely all show and doesn't care much about the go. His car is kept extremely clean and every modification has been carefully thought out to create an overall high-quality build.

The approach to this build so far has been simple, clean and a hint of aggressiveness. Most notably the car has been lowered using AirLift's 3P air system and fitment has been dialed in with our Brushed Titanium RFX5's in an aggressive 20x10/20x11 fitment. To accent the body lines, Street Aero provided a front splitter, side splitters and rear diffuser to add to the aggressiveness of the car. As for the exterior, that's about it. A "less is more" approach has been taken and it has definitely paid off.

Step inside Bailey's Mustang and the first thing you'll notice is carbon fiber, everywhere. From the carbon fiber NRG steering wheel to the carbon rear seat delete and every panel in between has been replaced with authentic carbon fiber. The factory seats and belts have been replaced with fixed-back bucket seats and harnesses courtesy of Corbeau. Last, but certainly not least, an Airlift 3P controller sits front and center and is the brain behind the air suspension and dialing in that perfect fitment.

As you all know a build is never truly done and Bailey's Mustang is far from it. There is a lot more in store for this car including some power upgrades, a big brake kit, and of course, more carbon fiber.

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