Ahmed's Insane Challenger2018

May 14, 2018


Everyone has a different view on how they choose to build their car. Some keep it simple with an OEM+ approach while others go above and beyond in order to build something unique and stand out from the crown. Ahmed is definitely the latter. What started life as a stock Dodge Challenger has been completely transformed into what it is today. Almost every part of this car has been replaced or modified and tailored perfectly to fit the owners' vision.


The first thing you'll notice when looking at Ahmed's car is, of course, the outrageous vinyl wrap designed and installed by KB Signs. Next up, to get this car sitting just right, an Accuair air suspension system was installed and a custom gloss purple set of Rohana RC22's were fitted, but we'll get back to those later. Now you may be thinking "This car looks crazy, but is it all show and no go?", far from it actually! The heart of this beast is a fully built engine by Inertia Motorsports coupled with a Kenne Bell supercharger.


With a build as wild as this, Ahmed couldn't settle for just any wheel. A custom powdercoated set of RC22's were enlisted and look right at home on the car. The RC22 features a bold five-spoke design and for this application, a 22x9" was called for up front and a super concave 22"x11" was needed out back in order to put the power to the ground.