Mark's Varis GTR on RFX10's.2018

Aug 30, 2018

There's just something about the R35 GTR that grabs your attention and holds on to it, they truly have a presence of their own. It also helps that the platform is very accpting to upgrades and has endless aftermarket support. Most people with GTR's tend to modify them and put their spin on things and that is just what Mark has done with his.

This week we're taking a look at Mark's Varis GTR. While the car has been through several stages, it's most current phase is just plain menacing. The body has been widened with the help of Varis front fenders and Varis carbon fiber rear flares. Siebon carbon fiber side skirts, a carbon front lip and DLK carbon trunk help to tie in the aggressiveness while a unique Brushed Metallic black vinyl wrap covers the rest of the car.

This beast has been fitted with out Rotary Forged RFX10's in a Gloss Black finish wrapped in a sticky Toyo R888 tire. Our recommended 20x10.5 / 20x12 fitment fills the wheels wells perfectly and gives this GTR just the right stance and completes the overall look. This sizing is recommended for most R35 GTR's as it provides a killer stance without having to worry about rubbing or clearance issues.

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