Michael's Yas Marina Blue BMW M42018

Apr 27, 2018

The BMW F82 M4 is a pretty serious car from the factory. It boasts a 3.0L twin turbo inline 6 engine producing 425hp and 486ft-lb of torque, a lightweight reinforced chassis offering a near 50:50 weight distribution, and a race-tuned Adaptive M Suspension providing a driving experience that's unlike any other.

However, like most-all car enthusiasts, stock is never quite good enough and Michael couldn't just leave the car as is.

-Michael's M4 is littered with aftermarket goods enhancing not only the visual aspect of his build, but also the performance. Most noticeable are the exterior modifications which include IND paint-matched front reflectors, black kidney grills, a 2-piece front lip from RSC Tuning and a Morph Auto Design GTS rear diffuser and wing.

The interior also sports a few subtle upgrades including an Alcantara M-Performance steering wheel and paint-matched paddle shifters to accent the SilverStone leather.

With the car now looking great both inside and out, it was time to take on the challenge of making the car perform better. Gintani catless downpipes and custom exhaust tips help the engine breathe, producing more power and a sound like non-other! H&R Sport springs lower the car and gives it a more aggressive stance while our rotary forged 20" RFX7 wheels in Gloss Black wrapped in Michelin PS4S tires nicely fill the wheel wells and finish this car off beautifully!


Using state of the art rotary forging technology, the RFX7 is both extremely durable and ultra-lightweight. The RFX7 also features a true directional arrangement for a consistently revolving layout.

The RFX7 series is available in three finishes: Brushed Bronze, Brushed Titanium and Gloss Black.


Available Sizes: 

19x8.5 l 19x9.5 l 20x9 l 20x10 l 20x10.5 l 20x11 l 20x12 21x9 l 21x10.5 l 20x11.5 

Available Bolt Patterns: 5x112 l 5x114.3 l 5x120 l 5x130