It's Not A Myth: Eddie's Unicorn GTR2018

Jan 16, 2018


As children we are told the story of a unicorn. A majestic white horse like creature that is equipped with a spiraling horn protruding it's head which can never be tamed. Much like the classic tale of the unicorn, Eddie's Nissan GTR is a majestik unicorn. From the weaves of it's carbon fiber mane to the curves of it's  widebody from our friends at Kream Developments, Eddie's GTR is truly a beautiful piece of machinery. A unicorn can't perform well if it's hooves are not up to par. Same reason Eddie chose to have some good hooves on his unicorn. Equipped with the all-new Forged RFG5, it's ready to hit the road.




The RFG5 is a three piece wheel design that we are introducing for 2018. With an innovative 5-spoke split design allowing enthusiasts to have an aggressive look with three piece forged technology.

Custom Colors

Offered in custom finishes, Eddie chose to go with gloss black face and a gloss purple lip to complement the overall look of the car. Contact us for standard or custom finishes and available sizes.




We first came across Eddie's GTR build when he purchased his RFX5 in Matte Black. Equipped with Airlift suspension and custom wrapped by Colorbomb Wraps. This car definitely hit the Arizona car scene hard. In late 2017 Eddie transformed his GTR into what it is today.




The first thing you notice when you see this car is the wrap. The wrap is a one off design done by Colorbomb Wraps in Tempe, Arizona.


A feature about this GTR, which sets it apart from others and gives it the name unicorn, is the only full Kream Development widebody in the United States. The kit was put on with the help of SPS Autosport located in Tuscon, Arizona. This car is equipped with many custom carbon fiber accents done by Carbon Creator of Phoenix to help the wrap pop. What you are probably wondering by now is if the car is all show and no go. Well let us tell you what is hidden under the hood. First thing you'll notice is a custom carbon fiber Greddy intake maniold, Boostlogic 3" MAFless intake kit, Visconti flex fuel kit, custom upper pipe kit, Tial 50mm BOV, ETS race intercooler, AMS Alpha oil separator, Boostlogic expansion tank, DW300 fuel pumps, 1000cc Injector Dynamics injectors. Under the car making it scream are AMS catless downpipes, AMS nonresonated midpipe, and an Armytrix Valvtronic exhaust. And finally the car has a ECUTEK Ben Linny tune. The shop who made this all possible was SPS Autosport.


Another visual aspect of this majestik machine is the wheel setup. Eddie chose to go with staggered RFG5 wheels, 20x11 and 20x12.5. Wrapped around those are TOYO R888R in the sizes 285/3520 and 325/30R20. Sitting behind the the RFG5 are Agency Power big rotor upgrade kits with Endless brake pads. A cool feature to help match the flow of the wrap Eddie had the brake kit powder coated purple which was done by Element POWDER COAT and behind all that helping the car sit pretty is a custom air suspension setup from Airlift Performance which is run by two compressors.


As you can tell this majestik creature has detail like no other. From the one off wrap from Colorbomb to the custom specs of the 3-piece RFG5 this machine is truly remarkable. A huge thanks to SPS Autosport for installing not only the performance parts, but the only custom widebody from Kream Developments in the United States as well. All the custom parts are what make this GTR a majestik unicorn. Now you tell is, do unicorns really exist?