Stepping out of the shadows: Jeremy's BMW I82017

Apr 06, 2017

Trying to save money on gas but want to look cool? BMW got you! The BMW I8 is one of the hottest cars in the market right now. Powered by BMW's Hybrid engine, it can get you from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds!  You cannot deny that the I8's exterior styling is truly an eye catcher. Pull up to your favorite restaurant, swing the scissor doors and guaranteed that all eyes are on you.   Jeremy put his own twist to his I8 by fitting it with the Rohana Rotary Forged RFX5 in Matte Black. Giving the I8 a stealth look yet grabs every attention it can get on the road. The rotary forged process makes our RF series line up one of the lightest wheels we've produced. Paired with the I8, not only it makes it look better, it also helps on performance! Rohana Wheels: Rotary Forged RFX5 The RFX5 utilizes  the latest rotary forging technology and features a split 5-spoke arrangement. Built for form and function, we have combined our most iconic spoke features with a classic design to bring you our newest addition to the RF line. Applying state of the art technology and complex engineering, the RFX5 is specifically designed for performance vehicles. [gallery columns="9" ids="4395,4394,4393,4392,4391,4390,4389,4388,4387,4386,4385,4471,4472,4473,4474,4475,4476,4477,4478,4479,4480,4481,4482,4483,4484,4485,4486,4487,4488,4489,4490,4491,4492,4493"]