Gone with the wind | Lamborghini Huracan2016

Jul 28, 2016

Gone with the wind

The Lamborghini Huracan is a stunning performer, offering thrilling acceleration and supercar looks in a package that also handles impressively thanks to a new 4x4 drivetrain. huracan-(1) huracan-(5) Rotary Formed Split 5 Spoke Arrangement. The RFX5 utilizes the latest Rotary Forming Technology and features a split 5 spoke arrangement. Built for form and function, we have combined our iconic spoke features with a classic design to bring you our newest addition to the RF line. Applying state of the art technology and complex engineering, the RFX5 is specifically designed for performance vehicles. huracan-(4) The RFX5 is offered in Brushed Titanium, Matte Black and our all new Gloss Gold finish. The Brushed Titanium features a subtle glossy tinted brushed face while teh windows and barrels being a clean silver. The Matte Black features a satin clear coat with a deep black base while the Gold has a deep golden translucent clear coat unlike any wheel available on the market. huracan-(3) huracan-(2)